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Hai’an held the meeting of Developing & Planning of Building Material Machinery & Modern Construction Industry

Date: 2012-10-30 14:47
The meeting of developing & planning of building material machinery and modern construction industry was held in 4th floor of government office of Hai’an on Aug. 3rd, 2012. Gao Zhi & Hao Meiping, professors of China Development Strategy Institute for Building Materials Industry analyzed current status & developing trend of building materials machinery & modern construction industry and seriously located the developing direction of building material industry of our country and read the building material equipment & modern construction plan report. Liu Changfa president of China Development Strategy Institute for Building Materials Industry, Lu Zhongping, Lu Zhongping subprefect of Hai’an, Cai Zhuping vice chairman of CPPCC attended the meeting and made the speech. While the leads of important enterprise such as Jiangsu Pengfei, Jiangsu Haijian, Suzhong Construction, Huaxin Construction, etc. and the leads of Libao, Baidian, Dagong, etc. countries attended the meeting, too.
Building material machinery industry and modern construction industry are two support industries of Hai’an country and they are important industries of Hai’an country in 11th five year. In order to plan the developing direction, Hai’an business association actively took part in the work of government center, actively trained the specific plate economic service, organized the chamber of commerce in the plate and made the developing target; in order to lead the industry to develop healthy and quickly, Hai’an business association required chamber of commerce of industry to make developing plan which will be the first important task after the commerce is built. In order for chamber of commerce could make the industry developing plan in high quality, Hai’an business association guided the draw of developing plan, seriously checked the developing plan which made by the chamber of commerce, invited industry specialists and specific technicians to check and widely heard the comments from business representatives,  experienced professors and leaders of main departments. After considering again & again by multi-layers, the industry developing plan is drawn and it is adequately confirmed by the leaders of Hai’an and member companies in this meeting.
In order to transfer the mode of economic growth, guided regional industry to be in new type industrial developing road with high scientific content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and small environmental pollution, Hai’an country further enlarged the efforts on assistant & administrative promotion on technical improvement, industry concentration, self innovation, energy-saving, power consumption, talent construction, market extending, brand construction, etc. and built the developing environment.
1st, train leading enterprise. Find out 2-3 enterprises over 1 billion in industry cluster, focused on fostering and drew the developing plan of the leading enterprises. Specially hold the site meeting for Pengfei Group, Suzhong construction, etc. leading enterprises of the plate.
2nd, optimize the industrial structure. According to national industry policy, industry updating plant & provincial guide content of technical improving project of main industries, draw industry updating guide content of Hai’an industry. Further improve the industry layer of equipment manufacturing industry of our country, complete industrial chain, each departments take the lead in developing investment activities, implement that the enterprises leads enterprises and precisely attract investment in small scale and specialization.
 3rd, strengthen departmental linkage. Complete the network system of plate training organization and strengthen the coordination function of the chamber of organization. Make various documents to seriously definite the working task of each members leaders.
                                                                      Jiangsu Pengfei Group            Ben Daolin & Pei Liang